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Binding Machines, Laminators from Sircle Corporation. Sircle Corp is a professional manufacture and importer of Punch Binding Machines, Laminators, and Paper Cutters. In addition Sircle Corp offers Binding and Lamination Supplies (both Pouch Lamination and Roll Lamination) and Accessories for SOHO, Office and Profesional Solutions. Every Sircle product is backed by our strict quality control.
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Paper Trimmers

A Rotary Paper Cutter is ideal for graphic designers, photographers and copy shops. Combining convenience, accuracy and safety, rotary trimmers and cutters are also perfect for home projects, scrapbooks and hobbies. A rotary paper cutter can easily cut through paper, plastic, poster board, matte board and more.

Manual paper cutters include guillotine paper cutters and stack cutters. A guillotine paper cutter, also known as a lever cutter, cuts through 10 to 50 sheets of paper at once. A guillotine paper cutter is affordable and easy to use for accurate, professional cutting.

Guillotine Cutters
Guillotine Cutters
Rotary Trimmers
Rotary Trimmers
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SircleTrim TM-20 Paper Cutter
Your Price: $69.99
MSRP: $69.99
Item #: TM-20
The TM-20 is a versatile rotary trimmer that allows for enhanced creativity in trimming.
  SircleTrim TM-20 Paper Cutter
SircleTrim DC-20 Rotary Trimmer and Guillotine Cutter Combo
Your Price: $129.99
Item #: DC-20
Trim out perfection every time with Sircle Corps combination paper trimmer. Perfect for all your projects, presentations and crafts, this 3-in-1 trimmer flips and turns from a rotary and corner trimmer into a guillotine cutter.
  SircleTrim DC-20 Rotary Trimmer and Guillotine Cutter Combo
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