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Binding Machines, Laminators from Sircle Corporation. Sircle Corp is a professional manufacture and importer of Punch Binding Machines, Laminators, and Paper Cutters. In addition Sircle Corp offers Binding and Lamination Supplies (both Pouch Lamination and Roll Lamination) and Accessories for SOHO, Office and Profesional Solutions. Every Sircle product is backed by our strict quality control.
Sircle Corp the leader in Binding Machines and Laminators
Adhesive - adhesives are used to fuse cold laminating film to the item being laminated. Laminators can also be used to put an adhesive backing onto materials (such as signs) so they can be mounted.

Clear - describes a laminate's finish. Clear provides a glossy (wet look)

Cold lamination - the use of pressure to activate an ahesive the fuses the lamination material (film or pouches) to the item being laminated.

Crystal - describes a lamination material finish. A crystal finish has a granular sand-like texture.

Encapsulation - Sealing a document (or other item) between two sheets of film. Encapsulation does not necessarily permanently fuse the film and the item contained in the film. Lamination is a subset of encapsulation.

Film - is defined by type, size and thickness. ID Badges for example require high Mil values while large graphics arts material requires lower Mil values for clarity and because large items are handled less frequently than small badges

Film adhesive - The film is then pressed into the document with a set of rollers or a large plate. The laminate film and document are now one, protecting the document from the elements while enhancing it's visual appearance.

Hot Lamination - the use of heat to fuse the lamination material (film or pouches) to the item being laminated. Check out the Sircle Laminator Series

Laminating film - is defined by type, size and thickness. ID Badges for example require high Mil values while large graphics arts material requires lower Mil values for clarity and because large items are handled less frequently than small badges

Lamination - permanently fusing a paper or document with a single sheet of laminate or within two sheets of laminate (encapsuling).

Matte - describes a laminates finish. Matte provides a slightly frosted (softer) finish.

Mounting - using a laminating machine to apply adhesive to the back of an item so that it can be mounted on a board (such as a foam core board) or other backing material.

Over-laminate - lamination applied to only one side of a document or item.

Pouch - two sheets of lamination material, sealed together on three sides and sized to fit a specific item such as an ID badge. Click here to see our wide selection of Lamination Pouches

Pouch Laminators - these are laminating machnies that use laminating pouchs that are already sealed on three sides. The item to be laminated is inserted through the open, fourth side of the pouch. Then the pouch, with the enclosed document, are run through the laminating machine. Pouches are used when a number of items, of of the same size, need to be laminated. Having pouches that match the size of the item being laminated, saves time by eliminating the need to trim excess laminate. Pouch laminators are typicaly used to laminate ID badges, photographs, certificates and licenses. Sircle Corp offers three series of Laminators to meet the needs of SOHO, Office or Prefesional Users

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) - The adhesives used on film and pouches designed for cold laminating. The pressure from rollers activates the adhesive (also see cold film).

Pressure Adjustment - allows the pressure applied by the rollers to be changed. Different types and thicknesses of laminating materials require different pressures.

Roll Laminators - typically are larger machines (but desktop models are available) that use continuous rolls of laminating film. Check soon as Sircle will be adding Roll Laminators to its complete line of Pouch Laminators

Satin - decribes a lamination finish. Satin is de-lustered to reduced glare.

Single Sided Laminate - Laminate only on image side of document.

Scratch Resistant - describes a lamination finish. This is a very hard finish.

Slitters - the blade that trims items as they are laminated

Temperature Control - refers to adjusting the roller temperature on hot laminators. For example, thicker film materials may require higher temperatures (or slower speeds -- see variable speed control)

Variable Speed Control - allows the operator to change the speed at which material passes through a hot laminator. Different film weights require different amounts of heat. The variable speed control allows the speed to be changed instead of changing the roller temperature.

SIRCLECORP.COM carries a full line of laminators and lamination supply.

Pouch Laminators:

Whether you need a pouch laminator for home/small office use such as the SircleLam HQ-230 9" Pouch Laminator, or a heavier duty pouch laminator for continuous use such as the SircleLam LA-330 13" Pouch Laminator which includes a 2 year Warranty you will find a pouch laminator to fit your needs. Pricing on all of our Pouch Laminators is the lowest we can find on the internet. Free Shipping is included on select machines.

Laminating Film:

Order a full line of Laminating Film including Standard Laminating Film, Low-Melt Laminating Film more commonly known as NapLam II or CoverLam Film, and Wide Format Laminating Film for all of your Roll Laminating Film needs. We stock many sizes of Roll Lamination from 9" to 27" inches.

Laminating Pouches:

Sircle Corp specializes in a full line of Laminating Pouches, from small credit card laminating pouches to the most popular business card and letter size laminating pouches up to large menu size laminating pouches. Take advantage of our low prices on all of our Laminating Pouches.

The Sircle Corp Binding Comparison Guide helps you find the exact Binding Machine you need for your specific project

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