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Home > Discontinued Products > SircleBind WR-2000e Electric 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

SircleBind WR-2000e Electric 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

SircleBind WR-2000e Electric 3:1 Wire Binding Machine
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MSRP: $769.99
Item #: WR-2000e
Shipping Weight: 24.00 Lbs

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SircleBind WR-2000e Electric 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

Sircle has worked hard to design a binding machine that has a stylish look and feel, but is also durable and rich in function; the end result is the newly designed WR-2000e 3:1 Electric Punch Wire Binding Machine. The WR-2000e was created with the end user in mind. You asked for a better looking, more efficient, long lasting and durable machine-Sircle delivered! The WR-2000e is the perfect solution to your wire binding solutions. It has a stylish appeal that makes it fit in any professional environment; it has an electric punch and a punch capacity of 20 sheets of 20# paper for increased efficiency; and, it is made with 34 hardened punch pins, 5 of which are disengageable, and strong metal and plastic exterior construction for durability. For added function, the WR-2000e also includes a wire hanger for simple and seamless paper threading, a bind capacity of 120 sheets of 20# paper on a 9/16" wire element, a built-in side margin control and edge guide for proper paper alignment, and more!!

Standard Features on the WR-2000e 3:1 Electric Wire Binding Machine
  • Binding Style: 3:1 Wire
  • Punch Style: 3:1 Wire
  • Operating Method: Electric Punch and Manual Bind
  • Punching capacity: 20 sheets
  • Max. Page Size: Letter
  • Max. Bind: 9/16" wire
  • Disengageable Pins: Yes (5)
  • Margin Guide: Yes
  • Paper Load: Horizontal
  • Other Features: Built-In Magnetic Wire Hanger, Wire Storage Compartment, Foldable Base
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Warranty: 2 year

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